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Business Savings Accounts

Which Savings Account is right for you?

Type of Business Savings Accounts offered along with their initial deposit and fees
Savings Accounts Designed for you... Opening Deposit Interest Maintenance Fees* Withdrawals

Business Savings

...businesses that want a traditional account to help save for onetime or periodic business expenses such as taxes, insurance or employee benefits. $100 Compounded daily, paid quarterly, rate is variable.
See our Current Rates.
$5 fee waived for maintaining $300 average daily balance per quarter OR $5 fee waived if enrolled in E-Statements. $1 each over 5 per quarter.

Insured Money Market

...businesses that want the combination of security, liquidity and convenience. This tiered-rate account pays competitive rates of interest on higher balances. $2,500 Compounded daily, paid monthly, rate is variable.
$10 fee waived for maintaining $2,500 minimum daily balance per statement cycle. $6 each over 6 per statement cycle.

Certificate of Deposit

...businesses that want to earn a higher interest for specific terms and do not need funds available for a period of time. $500 or more depending on term Compounded and reinvested quarterly on Growth CDs. Simple interest paid monthly or quarterly on Income CDs.
See our Current Rates.
N/A Substantial penalty for early withdrawals.

SEP Accounts owners that want to plan for their future with a retirement account. Consultation with a competent tax advisor is recommended. Varies with product. See our Current Rates.    

*Maintenance Fees are assessed each statement cycle.