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What is Trusteer Rapport?

Trusteer Rapport is security software that is designed to provide important added protection to your online banking session. Trusteer Rapport is highly recommended as an additional layer of security to any anti-virus or security software you already use. By protecting your internet connection and creating a tunnel for safe communication with your Savings Bank online banking website, Trusteer Rapport helps block malicious attempts to steal money from your account.

  • Provided to our customers free of charge
  • Downloads in minutes
  • Future updates are free and automatic

Why do I need Trusteer if I already have anti-virus software?

Trusteer Rapport complements your anti-virus software. Trusteer Rapport is designed to add another level of security to your online banking session by blocking malicious software (malware) that your anti-virus software might miss. Although no anti-fraud software can guarantee 100% protection from fraudsters, we believe that Trusteer Rapport in addition to anti-virus software offers a higher level of protection.

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Protected Websites

After installing Trusteer Rapport, you will see a new icon in the address bar of your browser as illustrated below. When you access Savings Bank's online banking services the icon will glow in green, showing that Trusteer Rapport is at work!


Protected Site browser bar example graphic with green icon

When you visit other sites you will see that the icon has changed to a gray color which means the site is not yet covered by Trusteer Rapport.

Not Protected

Not Protected browser bar example graphic with gray icon

To add protection to other websites you visit, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Click on the gray icon in your browser and this window will pop up:

Protect This Site - Example Pop-Up screen

Step 2 - Select "Protect this Website". The icon will turn green in color and Trusteer Rapport is activated for that website.

Protected Site browser bar example graphic with green icon

Once a site is "protected" (green icon) you should not have to perform these steps again.

If Trusteer Rapport detects malware on your computer, you will be alerted and the bank may also receive an alert from Trusteer.

* Rapport is offered by Trusteer, Trusteer is responsible for the accessibility of its products. For more information about Trusteer Rapport and to contact Trusteer with accessibility questions about their product please visit Trusteer Support.

Third Party Disclaimer

Savings Bank of Mendocino County has chosen to offer Trusteer Rapport to our customers as a way to further protect your online banking communication.  While we believe that Trusteer Rapport will perform as expected, we do not make any representations or warranties, express or implied, to you about Trusteer Rapport including: (1) the compatibility of your software, equipment, or communication interfaces; (2) the results derived from the use of the Trusteer Rapport software, services, hardware or other materials; or (3) that the Trusteer Rapport software, services or other materials are free from defect. In addition, although this company is our provider, we recommend you review the terms and conditions of use for this business as it may differ from that of Savings Bank of Mendocino County.