• Alert: Effective 8/30/2020 the Tablet App has been discontinued. To access SBMC Online Banking using a Tablet you will now open a browser window and type www.savingsbank.com in the address bar at the top of the page, then enter your Access ID and Passcode in the log-in screen.

    The SBA Paycheck Protection Program has ended. We can no longer accept applications. For information on loan forgiveness, please click on the Financial Wellness tab below and select SBA Paycheck Protection Program.

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MobiMoney – Get Started!


  • Open the Google™ Play Store or Apple™ App Store
  • Search for “MobiMoney” Vantiv LLC
  • Tap Download/Install

MobiMoney is compatible with any Android device using 3.x OS or newer or any Apple™ devices using an Apple™ iOS 6.x or newer.


  • Once download is complete, tap the MobiMoney app icon on your device.
  • Tap the “New User” button to begin registration.
    • Enter your 16 digit card number.
    • Enter your address, security code, and card expiration date.
    • At this point you will need to do a Point of Sale (POS) PIN transaction within 24 hours of registering your card.
    • After the transaction, open the App, choose New User, enter card number, enter transaction amount.
    • Accept terms & conditions.
  • Create Your Account
    • User ID, Select Password, Enter your email address.

If you have trouble registering, verify that the address & Expiration Date being entered in the MobiMoney app matches the information at Savings Bank.

Next Steps! Click on Cards, Control Preferences: Locations, Merchant types, Transaction Types and/or Spend Limits.

Set Alert Preferences for all or select Locations, Merchant Types and/or Spend Limits.

Remember to Save when setting or changing your preferences.

MobiMoney Get Start Diagram

MobiMoney App Icon